Community Service

Community Service Varsity Letter


SOTA/SAMI/IDEA Varsity Letter in Community Service Requirements

The mission of our schools is to partner with community resources to change public education, emphasizing creativity, and utilizing a fully inclusive model that educates the whole student through core values. At Sota, Sami and Idea, we believe helping those who are in need is central to those core values. We are providing this opportunity for our students to engage in the greater Tacoma community through service learning. 

In order to earn the varsity letter in community service, you must meet all of the following requirements:

1. 100 hours of unpaid volunteer service: completed between June 15 and May 1 of the current school year. Days off from school and district vacation breaks are opportunities to fulfill these hours.

**At least 50 hours must be completed through one local non-profit agency or for one local cause. No more than 30 hours can be from school related clubs or earned during the summer months. The intention is to ensure understanding and sustain a meaningful commitment to a selected social issue that is personally relevant to the student (e.g. homelessness, elderly, poverty, equity, literacy, faith organizations, environment, health care, justice, and community). 

2. Completed Hours stored in Career Cruising: Documentation of all service hours verified by an adult supervisor at the site or agency. (phone number/email)

3. 4 digital photos of you involved in or doing the service work. The photos will tell the story of your overall work. Please honor the photo policy of the agency.

4. Focus Issue Reflection Piece: - A short reflection: journal writing, video, song, visual art piece, children’s book, presentation or other project based on your sustained service with one agency or in one area of need. See guiding questions in FAQ's.

5. Submit Online Hours, Reflection and Digital Photos by May 15 of the current school year to the Community Service Coordinator, Debbie Shapiro for verification to receive the Varsity letter.