Main Office 



Parents and guardians can report an absence in the ParentVUE app or by calling the number below and leaving a detailed message including the student name and/or student ID number. 


Physical Address

SOTA main office recently moved we are now located at the TED X building situated at 1124 Broadway. You will now find office and admin staff at the TED X building.



Staff List

Name Email Phone Position
King, Bliss 253.571.7915 Co-Director
Bellessa, Aaron 253.571.7905 Co-Director
Brown, Abbie 253.571.7903 Instructional Coach
Primas, Steve 253.571.7919 Social Worker
Smith, Amber

253.571.7913 Office Manager
Murray-Phillips, Ramona   Budget Technician
Villalpando, Jordan


College Counselor/
Humanities Teacher

Ayler-Jason, Willie   Security
Boyce, Kevin    Humanities teacher
Blake, Anthony 253.571.7925 Science Teacher
Brudi, Cornelius 253.571.7930 Visual Arts/CTE Teacher
Cabrera, Margi 253.571.7987

Spanish Teacher

Conrath, Doris 253.571.7904 Photography Teacher & Museum Liaison
Daniels, Gretchen   Visual Arts Teacher
Duggan, Maggie 253.571.7949 Instrumental Music Teacher
Fouts, Jessie 253.571.7902 Student Services
Hagmann, Michael mhagman@Tacoma.K12.Wa.US 253.571.7927 Science Teacher
Hightower, Zach 253.571.7914 Student Services Teacher
Jacobsen, Megan   Science Teacher
Jaecklein, Robin 253.571.7942 Dance Teacher
Johnston, Tatiana   Education Support Professional
Kandi, Kareem 253.571.7949 Adjunct Artist in Jazz Improv
Koepfler, Shannon   Math Teacher
Kroschel, Lucie 253.571.7966 Humanities Teacher

Mongrain, Fonda   NEXT Move Internship Coordinator
Pardur, Rachel 253.571.7936 Spanish Teacher
Placentia, Terri 253.571.7929 Visual Arts/CTE Teacher
Regimbal, Brian   Humanities Teacher
Rice, Luke   English Language Arts Teacher
Robinson, Derrick 253.571.7943 Music/CTE Teacher
Salomon, Joann   Math Teacher
Savage, Dave 253.571.7968 Humanities Teacher
Savage, Diane 253.571.7909 Spanish Teacher
Shamp, Aaron 253.571.7932 Film/CTE Teacher
Shapiro, Debbie 253.571.7910 Health Teacher
Skobel, Brittany   NEXT Move Internship Coordinator
Snead, Harry   Security

Steger, Marsha   Math Teacher
Thomason, Mark mthomas2@Tacoma.K12.Wa.US 253.571.7944 Theatre/CTE Teacher
Towne, Tristan   Humanities Teacher
Trembly, Taylor 253.571.6985 School Psychologist
Wessels, Lisa   Science Teacher
Wickman, Emily 253.571.7948 Vocal Music Teacher
Yuong, Ryan  

Math Teacher

Shelukhina, Alla   Custodian

We'd like to hear from you

  1. The best place to start is your classroom teacher. Find contact information in the staff directory.
  2. For additional support or information contact your counselor or school principal. 
  3. For district programs and supports, contact our district office.